About Us

BB's Home Cooking first opened its doors in March 2005, starting out in a quaint, 32-seat converted house built (we believe) in the early 1900s. The residents of Georgetown, Round Rock, and surrounding TX areas have provided great support over the years, allowing us the opportunity to move to bigger locations in January 2009 and then to the current location in January 2018 at The Summit at Rivery Park.
BB's Home Cooking is family-owned and known for providing tasty meals with a home cooked feel. We strive to offer our customers a unique eating experience through cooked-to-order meals, seasoned and tasty. The owners are from the Washington, DC & Maryland areas and have brought a little of that influence to the menu with the crab cakes and fish sandwich, while adhering to the heart of Texans with the chicken-fried steak - the Texas favorite!
BB's was named after the owners' mothers - Bernie and Betty - giving tribute to the family matriarchs who have now both passed on, but whose legacies still live on. The basis of the cooking style unique to BB's came from the kitchen of Bernie years and years ago.
Thank you for dining with us. We hope to serve you again!